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    1. About Us

      Zhongding Group was founded in 1980, the headquarter is located in the beautiful city, Ningguo, in the Southeast of Anhui Province.  After 40 years of continuous struggle and development, Zhongding Group has become a worldwide private enterprise group with more than 30 subordinate enterprises and more than 10 overseas enterprises, with mechanical basic parts and auto parts as the leading. 

      Except the headquarter, Zhongding established the industrial bases in Shanghai, Tianjing,Jiangsu,Guangdong and other provinces, and have over 10 specific champion enterprises, such KACO,WEGU,AMK,TFH, through oversea mergers and acquisitions in the USA, Germany and other Countries. 

      Among many years, all business indicator is always top in the same industrial areas in whole China for Zhongding group , and ranked with the "top 20 global non-tire rubber producer", "Top 30 Chinese auto industry" and "Top 100 Global auto parts industry plants".

      The involved parts include mechanical base parts, auto parts, hydraulic and pneumatic seals, machinery and electronics, precision molds, automotive tools and others and the leading product is rubber seals branded with “Dinghu” and special rubber products, which are widely used in automobile, construction machinery, petrochemical, office automation, railway, shipbuilding and other fields.

      Zhongding has strong technical power and innovation ability, can meet all synchronous development requirements from different OEMS, especially in the "fluid system", "noise and vibration reduction and lightweight chassis system", "seal system", "air suspension and motor control system" and other technical fields, achieve a firm leading position in global. 

      In the future, Zhongding will greatly promote our culture spirit with "Full efforts and leading innovation” and strengthen the construction of innovation ability, speed up the industrial upgrading, in order to get the target with “Made in China, praise worldwide”, and achieve the revitalization of national industry and promotion of national economic development. 


      Zhongding Group purchased the rubber business of Suspensionsystem from Bridgestone.

      Zhongding Group held the 40th Birthday partyto celebrate the 40th anniversary of the factory

      Wiederholtcorporation held the centennial celebration, which is one of subsidiary corporation in oversea.

      The little town of Zhongde Zhizao, which is one of expansionprojects, was being starting construction smoothly.   

      Zhongding wholly acquired German TFH Company;Zhongding advanced into the world's non-tire rubberproducts 18th, entered the "billion-dollar club"

       First time ranked in the "Global Non-Tire Rubber Products Manufacturer Top 20".
      Achieved global revenue of 10.75 billion RMB (1.66 billion dollars), successfully exceed the target of 10 Billion (1.53 billion dollars).
      First time ranked in the "Global Non-Tire Rubber Products Manufacturer Top 50” from China's Rubber Seal Industry.
      Founded its first subsidiary company in Germany.
      Issued shares in China's Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Was the first public company from China's Rubber Seal Industry.
      Founded its first abroad subsidiary company Zhongding USA INC in Detroit in the United States of America.
      Zhongding invested and constructed its industrial park in Ningguo Economic and Development Zone.
      Ningguo Seal Factory completed its ownership restructure to Zhongding Sealing Parts Co., Ltd.
      Ningguo Seal Factory was established in Zhongxi town, Ningguo city, Anhui Province, China.
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